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ABA, Speech, and Occupational Therapy Franchise
Find out if you are qualified to own an ABA Therapy franchise in your community!
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Essential Speech and ABA Therapy

Who We Are

Essential Speech and ABA Therapy was founded in 2017, and grew to meet the needs of both the parents and children that they served. By combining ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy all under one roof, our team of professionals can better serve the entire family.

We transitioned to franchise growth in 2023, and have already awarded ten new locations in addition to our four corporate centers. An ABA franchise is an opportunity to bring a needed service to local communities, while not going into business alone!

The demand for services is growing and the market cap is expanding, leading to Essential Speech and ABA Therapy being an investment with vast potential and rooted in historical performance.

aba therapy franchise

What We Do

autism franchise

Essential Speech and ABA Therapy is where children on the autism spectrum have a team behind them. The three main services that make up our autism services franchise model are:

  • ABA Therapy: utilizes several evidence-based practices to increase communication skills and deter interfering behaviors. Our use of positive reinforcement via Natural Environment Teaching helps kids grow!

  • Speech Therapy: can be used to treat language disorders, speech disorders, and swallowing problems. For children on the spectrum, speech therapy can address many communication-related challenges and provide benefits that improve their quality of life as they age

  • Occupational Therapy: helps children with ASD promote, maintain, and develop the skills needed for school and beyond. These may include Self-care skills, Productivity skills, and leisure skills.

Additionally, our centers provide parent training and are a beacon for advocacy and support in their community. Our franchise model empowers owners to not just own their own business, but to speak volumes with their investment!

Ownership Requirements

Experience in ABA or other medical/healthcare fields is NOT required!

You will participate in expansive training to ensure you and your staff are fully prepared and empowered to run your business. From the start, you will receive guidance on every important aspect of your new business. Creating your own business entity, finding and signing a lease, building your staff, furnishing your clinic, and running your clinic day-to-day are all included in the endless support our franchise team provides.


Between in-person, remote, and on-demand training, you will have over 100 hours of material available to you, ensuring you and your team can focus on what matters: bringing excellence in care to your community!

Additionally, our franchise supports either owner-operated or part-time ownership models.

aba therapy franchise

Financial Information

autism services franchise

In autism services, your primary method of revenue is through insurance. ABA Therapy is considered medically necessary, which aids in our franchise's resistance in times of recession or pandemic.

Navigating the world of medical insurance can be daunting, which is why our team established an affiliate relationship with Essential Billing Services. EBS is more than just a traditional 3rd party biller, as they provide claim submission/appeal/denial assistance in addition to prior authorization and continually verifying benefits.

In short, EBS is an advocate for you and your revenue!

Additional information regarding investment range, requirements, and revenue can be found on our investment page and are all noted within our Franchise Disclosure Document.

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