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ABA, Speech, and Occupational Therapy Franchise
Find out if you are qualified to own an ABA Therapy franchise in your community!
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Everything we do is with one main goal in mind: being the gold standard of ABA.

Many parents spend endless hours coordinating care and driving to different facilities to ensure that their child has the best possible experience. At Essential Speech and ABA Therapy, we house three different specialists in one facility. With us, there’s no sitting in traffic, stressing about your child’s next appointment - we have a team of dedicated therapists located in one building!
As a parent, receiving an autism diagnosis can feel overwhelming. To this end, we provide parents with support, resources, and a pathway to explore the next chapter of their lives. 

The Essential Difference

At Essential Speech and ABA Therapy, your child has a team behind them - our licensed Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and ABA Therapists create a customized treatment plan that fits each child’s needs and therapy goals.


Our facilities offer daycare services in a natural environment: which means that your child is exposed to indoor gyms, classrooms, playgrounds, and large group meals long before they’re enrolled in elementary school! 


Our goal is to help your child acclimate to school settings and become independent learners.

Autism services

How We Help


Direct Clinical Support

Our corporate BCBA serves as a support system for your clinical team, helping answer questions that you may not know as an owner. With over 11 years experience in the field, starting as a RBT and growing to a BCBA pursuing her PhD, her goal is to emphasize our core values in care in each location.

She will meet with your BCBA twice a month, once individually and once as a group, to advise and assist.


She also provides CEU's to your BCBA's, providing another point of both recruitment and retention.

Development and Marketing Strategy

Speech Therapy franchise

The marketing process will begin as soon as you have a location, and regardless of your professional background, we will ensure you have all the tools you need to market your business.

We also will assist in content creation and templates to ensure you have the resources needed to run advertising campaigns and maintain a positive social media presence. 

Our internal marketing policy is simple: ask when needed! From analytics to templates, we do not shy away from guidance.

Vast Internal Training

Franchise opportunities in ABA Therapy

Each franchisee receives a plethora of internal training, both virtually and in-person.

Remember, the skills we look for in a franchisee are more intrapersonal than technical, as we can coach you on the hard skills to run the business.

Our training will cover all the essential parts of your role, from administrative setup to marketing outlines to clinical direction.


Your training and onboarding timeline will run through our CRM so you can track your progress and clearly see where you are at in the on-ramp.

Affiliated Billing Partnership

Occupational Therapy franchise
Franchise for autism services

One of the biggest question marks in this industry for new business owners is how to navigate the world of medical billing.

Through our affiliate billing company, Essential Billing Solutions, we aim to remove this hurdle altogether by providing you a clear guide in the process. They will be your resource to ensure your questions are answered and your business can bill claims.

Their services go above and beyond a normal 3rd party biller, and include: claim submission, handling appeals, fighting denials, prior authorization, and benefit verification.

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